About Fred

Fred02The man is here, he’s finally here, The Ambassador of Hope, the one and only, Dr. Frederick R. Best.  Dr. Frederick R. Best is one the most amazing and outstanding young men one will desire to meet.  His life and legacy are more unique than anyone else on the face of the earth.  He is a resident of the town of Ayden, North Carolina.

What is handicapped?  If you ask Dr. Best, he would say to you it’s nothing more than a state of mind.  He should know!  Dr. Frederick Ronzell Best was born in Bethel, N.C. with muscular and skeletal deformities.  According to his medical doctor, Dr. Best had Arthrogyposis with primary extensor pattern.  His kneecaps are backwards and his knees cannot be bent. His left arm isn’t fully formed and he has limited use of his right hand.  The defects were caused by a drug his mother had taken for morning sickness called Thalidomide.  The drug was later pulled from the market when it was discovered that it caused fetal abnormalities.  Babies were born deformed and disfigured to loving parents who trusted in American Medicine, according to Dr. Best’s newly-written book, “They Said I Wouldn’t Make It”. At the age of two, Dr. Best, known as Fred to many in the area, still couldn’t walk.  ”My life in a nutshell has always been a challenge,” wrote Dr. Best.  Life continued to be hard for him when he reached school age.  Children were not kind to him, but Dr. Best was undeterred.  He writes in his book that no matter how much self esteem he had, he began to perceive that he was condemned more by “normal” people than himself.  His mom prepared him for a lot of things.  When he needed her most she would always say the right thing.  His mom encouraged him to live from his heart and mind, explaining that whenever someone sees something new, they stare, but after they get used to it they stop staring.  He learned to live from his heart, knowing he was no different than anyone else.  The family moved a lot and often lived in houses that didn’t have electricity, or if the house did they often couldn’t afford to pay the bill so they went without.  He remembers lots of times sitting under the kerosene lamp or heater and though they had a lot of love they were very poor.  His mother had not raised him handicapped.  By 1979, Dr. Best with all his siblings, a total of fifteen were split up and put in foster care.  This was a grim time and while in foster care they went through massive abuse.  Even through all of the hardship of foster care, Dr. Best stayed focused and somehow managed to live a normal life learning to do anything that any normal child could do, like swim, play football, and drive a car.  He graduated high school and went on to higher education and received a Doctorate in Min. in Education on Oct. 10, 2007.  Dr. Best is the senior Pastor of Unveiling Glory and Worship Ministries.  He has completed his first biography book, entitled “They Said I Wouldn’t Make It.”  The book has made it into the hands of the likes of Pastor Shirley Caesar, was sent to the Oprah Winfrey Show, and received thanks from President Obama.  Through this amazing book you will see the ten year struggle of Dr. Best trying to put his family back together.  The book is now in 92 countries around the world.  The book has been turned into a hit stage play written by Dr. Best with a sold out crowd.  On February 28, 2009 he married the love of his life Constance Best, and out of this powerful union came a son Prince Frederick Ronzell Best Jr.  The territory of the ministry has been enlarged to three times its original size and moved to its present location at 873 West Star St. in Greenville, NC.  On December 10th, Dr. Best was invited as a guest speaker on TBN’s JCTV Network.  He has a great passion for kids that are in foster care and the kids that have been trapped in the idle life of gangs and the restoration of ex-offenders.  He believes his life is a beacon of hope for the world to know that they too can make it.

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