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Dr. Frederick R. BestThe man is here, he’s finally here, The Ambassador of Hope, the one and only, Dr. Frederick R. Best. Dr. Best is one the most amazing outstanding, young men one will desire to meet. His life and legacy is more different than any one on the face of earth. He is a resident of the town of Ayden, North Carolina. He was born with a rare birth defect that was caused by a drug call Thalidomide.

His life started with a battle from his mother’s womb. In the womb his body began to develop quite different than the average baby. His knee caps were frozen were as he could not bend them at all, his joints in his elbow were frozen and his left hand was missing. The doctor noticed that he was not in a fetal position.

As Dr. Best grew in his mother’s womb, he was actually tearing through his mother’s placenta. The doctor told his mom that if she did not abort him then she could die, and so would he. Not only was Dr. Best faced with such a difficult life, but he also had 14 other siblings that too were facing difficult challenges. Because of being extremely poor, Dr. Best and all of his siblings were placed in foster care. While in foster care Dr. Best as well as many of his siblings was faced with different kinds of abuse i.e. verbal, sexual, and physical, etc.

Dr. Best was often faced with the battle of normal people trying to demand him to live a handicap life. In school most teachers grade him by what they saw on the outside, and failed to challenge his mind by placing him in the lab for educational purpose. Through all of this man amazing battles, somehow through the deep crevice of the earth, he found the strength to hope and believe again.

Dr. Best, not only through great faith struggle to overcome his physical handicap, be he also found the mind and way through the gateway of education to educate himself, and he graduated with three Doctrine in Theology. He’s the author of the book; They Said I Wouldn’t Make It. He is also the writer of the hit stage play They Said I Wouldn’t Make It.

Again, the man is here… Dr. Frederick R. Best. Dr. Best is an extraordinary family man. For ten years he fought the Department of Social Services seeking to gain custody of his brothers and sisters, and one of his siblings was mentally retarded. You must get the book. It is a book of hope and relentless faith!