Introducing the Family

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We were once  a unique and whole vessel, then one day we became a shattered and broken vessel. The only hope for this vessel was glue. But this vessel will never be as good as it used to be.

Carlton “Teddy”

  • Oldest of fifteen
  • His view point to life can often be seen through the eyes and windows of these pains:
  • He Understood all too well that if no one else would go to work he had to. He seeing his mother carrying her children alone, in many ways this made him feel somewhat responsible for this load.
  • Cutting wood, running errands, and patching up the old house are some of the things he would often do.
  • At the age of fifteen he entered  into the foster care system.
  • After being placed in foster care, and having two siblings that had physical problems, Teddy was left with the responsibility of caring for one of his younger sisters (Mary) who had a colostomy bag.
  •  Teddy often wondered could there have been anything else  “Could there have been anything more he could do to keep his family together”?

Burtrice “Burt” and Timothy “Tim”

  • In many ways they were pretty much the same. Burt being one year older than Tim was often quiet.
  • They both found themselves following close in the footsteps of Teddy.
  • understandably there were times they wanted to buy things for themselves, like a bike even though during that time we as a family needed the money the most..
  • Burt was fourteen, and Tim was thirteen when they entered foster care system.
  • They both entered the same foster home, and remained together. Their foster parents were strict and offered a Godly environment for them.

Frederick “Fred”

  • Since Teddy was the oldest, his age put a demand on him to be out of the home working.
  • Somehow he became the substitute older brother even though he was the fourth child. His mother taught him the value of what it meant to have a family. It was in him to nurture and care for his younger siblings.
  • He was placed in foster care at the age of eleven. For eight years his foster care experience was mostly a nightmare.
  • The absence of his dear precious mother, and his siblings (who were more like his children), the pain he could not bear. Crying throughout the night often, not knowing whether they were dead or alive.
  • He suffered verbal, physical and some psychological abuse. He never felt part of the foster family. He was forced to feel false and cold with no sense of bonding or belonging. For eight years he was never told “I Love You”. No one counseled me through my pain.
  • Suicidal at times, living with no hope, he wanting to restore his family back.

Judith “Judy”

  • The oldest girl
  • She and Fred stuck closer to each other in the home because of their age. They often found themselves working as a team
  • At the age of nine Judy was placed into the foster care system. She suffered a lot of hurt and shameful pain
  • She too was sexually and physically abused
  • She was often transferred from foster home to foster home and at one point, she was placed in a group home
  • She was often rejected and left with anger in her heart against so many people because they let her down


  • Also hung in the pack with Judy and Fred.
  • Often filled with a joyful personality, but yet stern.
  • At the age of seven he was placed into the foster care system. He entered into foster care with our sister Teresa
  • Being separated was hard on George. He often found himself getting into mischievous things that led him to several different foster homes.
  • George was beat a lot. He and Teresa stayed together until he ran away.
  • His runaway eventually led to his death.


  • She was the second girl.
  • Her childhood with us was somewhat normal. She spent a lot of her time playing and running around mom a lot.
  • She got burned bad once from getting to close to the wood heater in the house.
  • At the age of six he was placed in foster care. She and Willie were in foster care together. They often went from one foster home to another. At one time things got so bad for Pearlie, she ran away from Ayden NC to Bethel, NC.


  • Teresa’s environment was very playful and exciting at home.
  • At the age of five she was placed in foster care.
  • She was sexually molested by her foster sister and verbally abused.
  • She was affected by George’s running away and his death.
  • As a child she has entertained thoughts of suicide and even now sometimes she finds herself depressed.


  • At the age of four he was placed into foster care system.
  • He was in foster care with Pearlie.
  • He went from foster home to foster home.

Mary and Janice

  • Mary was two and Janice was six months when they entered the foster care system.
  • Mary was six and Janice was four when they were adopted.
  • Their adoptive father was abusive.
  • Janice was physically and sexually abused.
  • They were raised in another religion.
  • Mary was verbally and psychologically abused.


  • She entered the foster care system around the age of five.
  • The landlord of the apartment tried to molest her.
  • These were some of the things she went threw.


  • He was between the ages of three and four when he entered the foster care system.
  • He is the child that my mother placed in my lap and said, she had him for me.
  • His foster care experience was pretty descent.


  • He was diagnosed with 5% led poisoning.
  • Most of his diagnosis can be found on pages 254-256 in the book.
  • He was placed in an institution at the age of two.
  • He suffered a lot of physical and mental abuse.
  • His nickname by the staff was “The Son of Satan”.
  • He was always heavily sedated. An appointment had to made to see him.
  • Jacob was left mentally damaged and full of anger.
  • The turnaround in his life I think is greater than all of us.


  • She was a newborn baby when she was placed in the foster care system..
  • Her experience of foster care was pretty decent and like Joseph’s.
  • She didn’t stay in foster care long.